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Great structures are not magical, they are built on a solid foundation.
Every building needs a foundation but not every foundation guarantees safety, that is why at Standard Foundations we use highly quality materials to ensure a solid foundation that promises longevity and safety.

Reliable engineering takes many form.

We are a company with an outstanding quality of delivering “on point” pile foundations in Nigeria.
Standard Foundations Engineering has a team of Structural Engineers, Architects, Builders, Surveyors, Geologists and Contractors that deliver unmatched piling expertise with our quality equipment and advanced techniques.

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We provide pile foundation constructions based on the most suitable method for your project and on clients request,

Engineering Designs

Our experts are available to provide engineering designs that will guarantee the safety and longevity of your construction

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A pile foundation is a construction technique that requires deep foundations. It is often used for high-rise buildings, bridges – typically for large structures.

Standard Foundations is a company that offers services anywhere in Nigeria.

The quotations we give are free. We do not charge for that.

All you have to do is send us a mail or give us a call and we will schedule an appointment with you.

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